Service terms


Although we do our best to keep our services running most of the time, the links and statistics could suddenly stop working due to technical failures, or even for maintenance on the servers.

In case the definitive suspension of the service or elimination of records in our databases is necessary, the general public will be informed through the website, blog and social networks, as well as the nano members through email.


Since the information contained in the original links is not reviewed or filtered by our team or algorithms, it is, at first, the exclusive responsibility of the creator of the link the information contained therein. It should be noted that such content is not hosted, sponsored or promoted and does not have any relationship or represent nano or its creators. Despite this, our team is always attentive to the complaints sent by Internet users.


Our section of reports allows any internet user who considers that a link created in our platform is being used to commit cybercrimes or spread fraudulent, intimidating or abusive information to any public, can send us the data of that link (original or shortened) and the justification of the complaint, which will later be reviewed by our team, to take a decision on the link and could eventually disable it. Therefore, if you have created a link and it appears as disabled, it may have received a report so our team has decided to take action. To receive information on particular cases you can contact us in the email [email protected] or contact us through our social networks. Our commitment to a safe and friendly internet for people is compelling.


By using our services, you agree with use of cookies with the purpose of collecting configuration details (like language), whose goal is to improve the user's experience in the web application. We don't use third party or tracking cookies.

Friendly links

In the current version, the 3 word codes are created randomly from a word database, therefore the user is not allowed to choose them. If a short link comes to contain an offensive word or that may violate the rights of some individual or community, you can write us on our social networks to evaluate the case.

Information policies

If you are a copyright holder and you detect that our services are being used to infringe these rights, it will be our pleasure to collaborate for the protection of their integrity. You can make your request through the reports section.

Personal data

The data of our users are as valuable as their loyalty, under no circumstances we’ll sell, exchange or include in any commercial transaction, except the sale of the application and its information assets. Likewise, we are committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of information provided voluntarily by users.

Hábeas data

The users module is currently in the development phase, therefore we do not take personal data to associate them with an account in our system, even if you become a nano member and want to know, update or rectify your data, you must send a email to [email protected].do. Our team will solve your concern as soon as possible.

Delete credentials from browser

For the security of your data you can delete your nano credentials from your browser. by doing so you can't access that data again, it'll be deleted and you'll be redirected to the home page of nano. Otherwise the data will keep available with no other implication. Whatever action you take, your nano credentials will still work for the whole internet, so we recommend you to keep them in a safe place.

Note: Deleting credentials does not eliminate the cookies in your browser.


User: Any person or client that visits the application or makes use of it to create or visit short links.

Original link: It is the link that the user wants to shorten, or in other words, it is the link to which the end user is redirected.

Nano credentials: is the shortened link set and its related information (statistics and passwords).

Friendly URL: Consists of a url address composed of the nano domain and a code of 3 words separated by a character.

Nano Member: Pre-registered user on our platform.

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